Unfriendly customer service with politeness 

There are so many different kinds of snack in Singapore . It is wonderful ! But as I foreigner here, I have little idea of what are those snacks and cookies are made of! So here is the funny little story. 

In general, people are polite here, so I stopped by a bakery and intrigued by all these different local cookies and biscuits. As I was bewildering at what is inside it and which one to buy:

I asked the staff, a middle-aged women selling her biscuits , “what’s the difference between this one and that one ?” , pointing two different “Piah” She explained it, then I asked what is the difference between “pong Piah” and “Lau Poh Piah”. 

She replied , to my surprise , “it would be very tiring for me to explain differences among all of my biscuits. As I have so many kinds. !” 

I laughed, ” okay , I will buy this one that I have no idea what is in it” . But it could be a surprise ! 🙂

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