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Stay in Oxford University like a student

Posted by – July 15, 2019

Until James, one of my friends from the UK told me that I can actually book and stay in one of the colleges in Oxford University, I did not know that I can experience students lives in one of the most famous universities in the world. Thanks to him, not only I experienced the student life there, but I also get to go to many Oxford colleges for free as he works for Oxford University.

James and I at the Quad of the Harry Potter college “Christ Church”

安静 – 周杰伦

Posted by – June 1, 2017

My cover for one of my favourite songs during my high school time.

Japanese green tea in Singapore 

Posted by – April 17, 2017

This shop in Somerset allows you to make 抹茶 (Japanese green tea ) by yourself, which is rarely seen in Japan. It was quite a good deal as well (4 SGD) for a sweet and tea set.

People here in Singapore love self-service including making your own tea. Except that I am not quite sure whether people here know how to make the proper maccha. Well, don’t forget to pay the 17% tax and service charge as well as making yourself a couple of tea:-)

And this is the tea I made.

Compared with the real one that I tried in Kyoto.

Pizza in Singapore is sh*t 

Posted by – March 12, 2017

I spent 26 dollars for a margarita pizza here in Singapore . What I got was a piece of biscuit with some thin slice of cheap cheese and some catch-up on top? 

Where is the chewy dough and mozzarella cheese and basil leaves, which are the essential ingrediants for a pizza to be claimed as a margarita pizza? 

Who can tell me where I can get real pizza in Singapore ?

I miss the Itlalian restaurant in Tokyo .

Life can be difficult

Posted by – February 20, 2017

She was by herself in the rain.

She didn’t know where to go to find her mother and a shelter.

She thought she would die in this cold rain without any food.

Life was difficult for her. However, she finds a shelter and a warm shoulder to sleep.

Our life can be as difficult as hers, but if we are lucky enough to find a warm shoulder to lean on one day, please don’t take that for granted.

It was an also good feeling to have someone who loves and show fondness to you, even she was just a cat.

My first teak writing desk

Posted by – December 11, 2016

I came across a furniture shop at Buona Vista and loved some of the craftsman furniture there. A further research on the Internet led me to order a desk with the solid teak wood. It is a very durable wood type that is native to South East Asia and is beloved by many early European colonist.

This is my first big investment in furniture, as I have been moving to different countries for the last a few years and always hesitated to buy cheap ones and sell them when I leave the country. I have been always hesitated to buy a serious furniture that probably can last a lifetime. However, as I grow older, I felt it is time to make some of my belongs permanent.

The furniture shop showed me a few samples from his brochures, but I didn’t like any of them. So with some of the inspiration from the Internet, I started to design this piece. After a few email and prototype exchange of the desk with the furniture shop owner, we finally agreed upon a design that I like. It was a long wait, more than three months until I received the final work. I am quite happy with the final product except for some minor issues near the handler inside the drawer. But I am not living in Japan anymore. So I understand I should not expect a perfect product. It was a long wait, more than three months until I received the final work. He didn’t disappoint me. I am quite happy with the final product except for some minor issues near the handler inside the drawer. But I am not living in Japan anymore. So I should not be fussy and picky like the Japanese customers and not expect a perfect product.

Here it is, a solid teak writing desk made in Singapore.



A hornbill came to my flat in Singapore 

Posted by – November 28, 2016

Occasionally, she came to the tree in front of my window. This is my first time to see a hornbill in real life. Maybe my flat is close to the Bukit Timah natural reserve.

Swift 3 – upgrade nightmare

Posted by – November 5, 2016

One of the things I don’t like about develop on Mac / iOS, is that you have to spend tremendous amount of time to maintain your project to deal with Apple’s fast yet messy language and library update.

It is so exciting that Swift 3 has released! But hold on. Here is the screenshot of my prject after pressing this magic and powerful “Convert to Swift3 syntax” button! What a nonsense, it is just a nightmare!



Japanese traditional house centre Tokyo

Posted by – October 14, 2016

If you have been to Tokyo for a while, you must have heard of the fashion street near Shibuya called Daikanyama, where you can find a spate of indie fashion designer shops for furniture and clothing. However, little knows there is a hidden traditional Japanese house in this neighbourhood, which was built almost a hundred years ago. The name is called Kyu Asakura House. If you Search it in Google Maps, then you will find that it is just off on a side street next to the crossing of Daikanyama koban-mae. I like its lovely garden especially.

It is definitely a worth visiting after a long and tiring shopping near the Daikanyama station.


Mid Autumn Festival (中秋节)

Posted by – October 3, 2016


明月幾時有   明月幾時よりか有る
把酒問青天   酒を把って青天に問ふ
不知天上宮闕  知らず天上の宮闕
今夕是何年   今夕は是何れの年ぞ
我欲乘風歸去  我風に乘って歸り去らんと欲す
又恐瓊樓玉宇  又恐る瓊樓の玉宇
高處不勝寒   高き處寒さに勝へざらんことを
起舞弄清影   起舞して清影を弄ぶ
何似在人間   何ぞ似たる人間に在るに

轉朱閣     朱閣に轉じ
低綺戸     綺戸に低(た)れ
照無眠     無眠を照らす
不應有恨    應に恨み有るべからざるに
何事長向別時圓 何事ぞ長へに別時に向って圓なる

人有悲歡離合  人に悲歡離合有り
月有陰晴圓缺  月に陰晴圓缺有り
此事古難全   此の事古より全くなり難し
但願人長久   但だ願はくは人長久に
千里共嬋娟   千里 嬋娟を共にせんことを


buy coffee beans in Saigon

Posted by – September 25, 2016

As one of the main coffee bean producers in the world, Vietnam has its unique coffee style. I went to the famous Bến Thành Market, to scout some good coffee beans. I found some interesting roasting method. Almost all the beans were roasted with some sort of butter, which gives the beans a oily and shining coat together with sweet and caramel smell. 

Famous beans like “blue moutain” are incredulous cheap, costing about 5-6 SGD per 100g. I am curious how this buttery roast will affect the taste of I use these beans to make my espresso at home, so I bought some. I will report the taste after I try it out with my La Pavoni.  

How long I will live

Posted by – September 1, 2016

If I am lucky enough that I am going die peacefully without fatal disease such as cancel or heart attck, I may only have about 150,000 hours left to live consciously. 

So I will try to walk as much as I possible before I wont be able to.