Lift operator in Japan

Posted by – September 22, 2016

The below pictures was taken by me in Takashimaya Tokyo, one of the oldest and most famous Japanese department stores. This is an epitome of Japan’s human redundancies, which you can see almost everywhere you go. It seems that people enjoy spending valuable time doing things that don’t need to be done. Well, at least, I believe most of the people can press the buttons in the lift and know which floor they want to go to.



She is cute and polite, and I assume the Japanese customers enjoy this kind of services and her hospitality.

How long I will live

Posted by – September 1, 2016

If I am lucky enough that I am going die peacefully without fatal disease such as cancel or heart attck, I may only have about 150,000 hours left to live consciously. 

So I will try to walk as much as I possible before I wont be able to. 


Posted by – August 20, 2016


  • 限制看手机屏幕到每天30分钟以内。
  • 重要的消息用手写书信不用email
  • 拔掉电视机插头
  • 每天至少花1个小时发呆或者思考问题
  • 每个周末花至少2个小时读书和写字

emacs 注册经常访问文件

Posted by – July 19, 2016

如果你也像我那样经常用emacs访问相同的文件的话,用emacs的Register来注册你经常访问的文件,就可以用快捷键来访问他们了。不用每次都Ctrl+x Ctrl+F 找文件了。

(set-register r '(file . name))
(set-register ?e (cons 'file "~/.emacs"))
打开~/.emacs 就可以用命令 Ctrl+x r j e

Emacs manual


Posted by – July 14, 2016



亚洲做到无国界,不是做不到,只要文化经济水平接近,完全可以结成联盟。就像 欧盟虽然是不同国家,但自由通行,比如一个法国人可以去德国工作生活,没有任何限制。一个澳大利亚人一旦坐飞机到纽西兰,立刻有永久居留权。反之也是。



Posted by – July 13, 2016


  • 无花果
  • Baby Leaves mixes
  • 坚果
  • 小番茄
  • 橄榄油,盐,胡椒,醋




Posted by – July 10, 2016

This spinach pesto pasta I made for supper is surprisingly tasty!! 

  1. 大蒜,shallot青葱, 一个小辣椒 倒在橄榄油油锅里稍微炒一下。
  2. 放入切好的菠菜,炒一分钟
  3. 最好放入超市里卖的现成的 pesto 酱,微炒
  4. 把煮好的意大利面搅拌在一起

La Grande Bellezza – La Pavoni

Posted by – July 6, 2016

Imported from Itlay, my new coffee machine La Pavoni finally arrived home and married to my Grinder Mazzer mini. And my dream setup as a home barista comes true. La Pavoni + Mazzer Mini = my perfect home-brewed espresso drinks.



Porn in Singapore 

Posted by – July 4, 2016

Singapore is a quite strict society compared to many western countries, some of the websites are blocked here including porn. 

Today, I saw a brave guy watching porn on his smart phone next to a lady on a reserved seat. 

I can envision that maybe very soon, there will be one more sign on the train, other than. “No Durian, 5000 $ fine ”

“No porn, 10k fine !” Haha

Beautiful sky in Singapore 

Posted by – June 28, 2016

it’s been a long time to see such colourful sky

Oven grilled veggies 

Posted by – June 28, 2016


切好自己喜欢的蔬菜,撒上橄榄油,oregano, pepper , salt 


Fukinshin 不謹慎

Posted by – June 27, 2016

Japan is a nation where people are trained to be extremely considerate at all time from young. During my ten years in Japan, from time to time, I felt suffocated when these invisible accusation towards me. It is easy for a foreigner got caught when do something which is inconsiderate by Japanese standard.

Fukinshin means inconsiderate, now I just discovered that there is whole website dedicated for attacking people being “Fukinshin” on the Internet! They clearly take this into another level. 

In the most recent earthquake in Kumamoto, some celebrities made donations of rather large sums of money and they mentioned that on Twitter. They became subject to attacks for “flaunting their wealth.”

Another celebrity wished misfortune to cease by posting a prayer on Twitter. Again, they were attacked for “suggesting that the earthquake was an act of god (and therefore suggesting that the people of Kumamoto somehow deserved what was happening to them. )

Being considerate to others is certainly a good trait, however even any good habit or instinct can cause great pressure when it becomes extreme.