Camping in Hanno, Saitama

There is a camping site called “白岩渓流園” near Chichibu of Saitama, about 1 hour half drive from Tokyo. It’s been more than ten years since I last went camping. While being carried away in the absolute tranquility, lush green, and soothing sound of forest creek, I swiftly forgot about the time with my thoughts drifting away.

With lack of showering facilities, one of the highlights of this camping trip was that all the guys took a bath in the mountain stream next to our camp and scream for the chill temperature of the water in the stream – a rather rare experience for us city dwellers. Luckily, we have camp fires to make us warm again and continue our conversations.

Toraichi and I starting a fire

While we sit along the bank of forest stream, our conversation dived deeper.

Some of us are going through different crisis of life, and some of us is just recovering from it, however, I consider myself one of the luckiest man in the planet. I appreciate what I have – abundant food, a tent to sleep, and Mother Nature that created such a beautiful place for me to enjoy with my friends. I once truly fell in love with a woman and not everyone in this world is lucky enough to experience that feeling. I am glad that Chibikano could listen to the song “Pretender” and say “goodbye” and accept his romance with K-chan is how life goes and he knew it would never last. Nothing lasts forever, as much as we wish with our diamond rings to our lovers. I am sure this challenging time for Eric will be his career life change point. Things will only go better from here and most importantly, he has his beautiful family at his back to go through this together.

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