Apple Fan

Buying apple products is just like take marijuana. it draws you to buy another one, the another one even you think it’s not necessary or not quite sure what you really need for that iPhone 3GS while you already have the iPhone 3G. Even you think Ipad is just a *bigger* iPod? What’s wrong with my brain and what magic apple uses to make me blind?

Apple products I have bought so far


The O.C.

I get addicted to the American drama television series the O.C.(The orange city) these days. Iit was past-popularity show(start from 2003) though. I just run into it from a HMV shop in which the DVD version of season 1 is selling off. I need to admit. I’m always slow for the new things, at least, for the past years. When something new stuffs come out and draw the majority crazy, I usually skip it over. while the time when most people get tied of it, I’m incline to be fond of it. That’s a big problem of me…
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Find Music You Will Love

Have you ever wasted your time to find the songs fit your unique taste? If the answer is yes, it ‘s the site you should visit. A very cool service Pandora. Pandora is a music discovery service designed to help you find and enjoy music that you’ll love. All you need to do is just typing a song name or artist name you love. Pandora will discover many songs which have similar musical qualities with it and play these songs one by one. Very cool!

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My First Digital Camera

I’m thinking of getting a digital camera for a long time but I don’t get one until yesterday. The problem is that which digital camera I should buy. There are innumerable cameras in the market currently. I must admit that I haven’t a clue to choose one! Finally, after long time search, I made up my mind. Canno A610 is very fortunate to be my first digital camera. I have searched much info about this camera on Internet for a couple of weeks, so it only took me about 15 minutes to buy the camera in Xujiahui. Because of the last experience of buying digital goods in Xujiahui, the goods there are a bit expensive. I was planned to buy it on Internet. But it seems that the digital camera is an exception and I cancelled the original plan.

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Goodbye Internet Explorer

For years I’ve stick on my IE (Microsoft’s Internet Explorer) since I had my own personal computer. But my love for the past faded when I met Firefox. Thanks to my mentor Daniel who introduced Emacs and also Mozilla Firefox to me. But, I guess most of my friends and many people in China are still using IE or other IE core browsers such as Maxthon. But today I want to tell you that it’s time to say goodbye to IE because a much better browser is ready for you.

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