Trip to Tokyo

After waiting for two weeks, I finally got my Japanese working visa. This is going to be my first time going abroad for long-term assignment. I will stay in Tokyo for about 3 months for business and training.

In the old days, when there was a trip on the next day, I would be often too excited to fall asleep the night before. I remember these exciting nights at university. This time, strangely enough, I was composed and slept well the night before departure. It is good to travel with a great deal of energy.

My flight departed at 13:10pm. It is time to pack my belongs, with my father sending me to the Pudong Airport.

The food in the plane was palatable and exquisite.
The equipment of ANA aeroplane is quite well and there is an even screen in your seat. You can play video games, watch movies.

© Zhu Xinquan.
And the view outside the windows is splendid. It has been quite a long time since I once saw such cerulean sky, thanks to the bloody air pollution in China.
© Zhu Xinquan.
After immigration at Narita Airport, I took the Narita Airport Limousine bus to the Shinagawa Prince Hotel and then called a taxi to my apartment: B-site Osaki. It took me about 1 hour to arrive there.

tokyoapartment.jpgAlthough it is such a small apartment, which probably is less than 25 square meters. The rental price is about 220,000 yen per month. (2200 USD), extortionate and unimaginable with the same size back in my hometown.

The Japanese capital is truly one of the most crowded cities in the world, with these incredibly tiny apartments in central Tokyo!





Miscellanea of the Fortnight

It’s really a long time since my last entry. I deserved myself a fortnight vacation to fill the vacuity before my new job. During this period, my brain is like a chaos of accessories in a machine which is running abnormally. There are tons of things waiting for my disposal. I’m involved in applying for my passport and visa, trip to Hangzhou and Ningbo and many trivial things caused by the job transfer. Although I made the plan, the result is few things in the to-do-list are accomplished. I was supposed to travel to Beijing but my mum was in hospital suddenly. I have to cancel the plan and take care of her. Thanks to God and she has left hospital now. The only strongest wish in my heart is she won’t relapse again. God bless me and my family!

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