Miss food in Japan

Having been in Singapore for almost 8 months,  partaking spicy, oily or salty food (of course, tasty) here, I ,sometimes, miss the food in Japan. Sadly, I could not find any affordable yet delicious authentic Japanese food with fresh ingredients in Singapore , like the picture showed below. Anyone knows good place?


Lift operator in Japan

The below pictures was taken by me in Takashimaya Tokyo, one of the oldest and most famous Japanese department stores. This is an epitome of Japan’s human redundancies, which you can see almost everywhere you go. It seems that people enjoy spending valuable time doing things that don’t need to be done. Well, at least, I believe most of the people can press the buttons in the lift and know which floor they want to go to.



She is cute and polite, and I assume the Japanese customers enjoy this kind of services and her hospitality.

Leaving Japan Soon

Dear my friends in Tokyo,

Time flies! It has been almost ten years since I arrived this island, which I think I can call as my second hometown.

As some of you may already know that, I am leaving Japan soon for good – my company is relocating me to Singapore. Before saying Sayonara to Japan, I would like to catch up with anyone whoever wants to say goodbye! You have my contact, text me,  let’s grab a coffee, beer or lunch!


Halloween Party

The popularity of this American culture has explored in Japan recently, and this perfectly matches the costume culture in Japan. I was invited to one of Sayaka’s friend’s Halloween party


Ukai Toriyama

Since the treat from my boss to celebrate the initial release of our company’s product in this amazing traditional Japanese restaurant not far away from Tokyo (approximatley 1.5 hours), I have been taken several friends traveling to Japan to this place called “Ukai toriyama”(うかい鳥山)

This is the place almost every foreigner visiting Japan would love, for its magical and wonderful decoration representing traditional Japanese garden. Thus, I highly recommended it to anyone who wants to experience some unique Japanese restaurants with great food.


As you can see from the below picture, rush ruffled private dining houses are scattered within the lushly mature and immaculately manicured Japanese gardens. When you walk into these gardens, you will feel like being dropping into history.




They have different courses covering all kinds of traditional Japanese food. Each course is presented as the art whilst you behold the koi swimming in the pond right outside your dining house. The food tastes divine.





DSC_0586 (1)


The photos below are ones with my Chinese friends visiting it second time in 2014, where we celebrate two couples having their first baby.








The Japanese Saki should be a must-to-order in your drink menu.



Electric car is the future

The BMW i definitely caught all the eyes in this years’ Tokyo moto show. Whether it’s a hybrid or pure electrical car, its sensational debut sends a clear message that electric cars are the future in the card industry.


Tokyo’s radiation level

This is the best chart I have found so far from the NHK website

I was outside  when the peak level of the radiation happens 🙁
according to the chart.. it’s definitely getting better now. This radiation accident seems like a bit overblown. It was quite scary on 15th when the spark happened. I could not image how much radioactive stuff was leaked near the plant.

Although the current radiative level in Tokyo is not too worrying, Tokyo Electric has poorly handled this accident, which caused hundreds of thousands foreigners flee away from the country. It’s time for the Japanese government to review its country’s emergency policy.

I surivived in the 5th biggest earthquake in history

Friends, I am still alive.!  I thought I would be buried in the office today.

All the train are stopped and I am walking home now. Everyone is walking on the street, and all cars on the road stuck in the traffic jam. This is a scene I probably won’t be able to see again in my life!

Don’t know what is the impact on the north Japan, which is much more close to the epicenter ..

Apart from the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, this is the biggest event so far I have experienced.


Kanamara Festival – A literary Festival of the Iron Phallus

Despite smirks and giggles from foreigners, the Japanese people treat this festival seriously as it supposed to have deep meaning of it. The story goes back to 1600s, when local sex workers would pray for protection from sexually diseases at this shrine, where the current festival is held.

Nevertheless, it is still a penis festival, and there are penis hats, penis puppets, penis candles and penis lollipops. So you won’t be disappointed if you want to see some of these funny objects. It is one of the ten events not to miss in April according to BBC.

For people who want to check out this forward-thinking Kanamara Shinto shrine in Kawasaki, Japan, the closest station is Keikyukawasaki.










Applying for A Credit Card in Japan

Compared with China, Japan is much more foreign-friendly. However,  it sometimes can be very xenophobic. The arduous journey for foreigners applying a credit card in Japan would be a quintessential case. Most of the credit card companies reject your application basically due to the fact that you are a foreigner here, regardless of your job, income, profile or whatsoever.

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