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cafes and mobile payment in Jiaxing, China

Posted by – May 22, 2016

Two things staggered me this time when I went back to my hometown Jiaxing.

The prevalence and booming of modern cafes which serves authentic Italian espresso beverages and imported craft beers. The can outmatch many cafes in Tokyo and Singapore!

The ubiquity of mobile payment in every retail shop, cafes, fruit shops, shopping malls and restaurants, you name it! One year ago these two things did not exist.

If you don’t believe me, please check out the following two youtube videos which introduce two stylish coffee shops in my hometown.


Why people prefer use Baidu Ditu over Google Map

Posted by – January 19, 2015

China is the only land on the planet that the Google Empire has not yet conquered and take control of its burgeoning hundreds of millions of internet users. The map service Google provided has been popular around the world over decades, however, it is simpler just not as good as the Baidu in China. here is the comparison of the maps around the airport in Shanghai.

Google Maps:




Baidu Map


从一个日本女孩的视角看中国( A Japanese girl’s first impression about China)

Posted by – February 26, 2014

有男人赤膊 ,上半身不穿衣服在外面乘凉。

Where is the Legal System

Posted by – March 26, 2006

I think it’s the first time I encounter a violence to flight in a restaurant since I graduated from high school. It was someone’s birthday yesterday. Sorry for the ‘someone’, because I cannot recall her chinese name! I merely know she is sk‘s friend and her blog. I guess her English name is Jessie.

After we sitting down and start our dinner in the restaurant, one of sk’s friends realized that someone at the desk beside us was peeking Jessie. Although we felt uncomfortable, we continued our dinner.

But, suddenly, one of these guys beside us broke the dishes and began to fight with another one. We all felt very uncomfortable at that time. But with the mind that the boss or the manager of this restaurant will deal with it as soon as possible, we kept our tolerance. 

Unfortunately, the manager of this restaurant was a faint-hearted. He just let us move downstairs. I was wondering that why he didn’t call the police. 

After that, we just heard much noise and the sound of broken dishes upstairs. About 1 hour later, the police was called and there was only one policeman showed up. The went upstairs at once. I didn’t know what happened next upstairs. After a while, I just saw a guy savagely came downstairs and left the restaurant just like nothing happened muttering, “I will hack the one called the police!”. After a short while, the policeman also came downstairs and asked the manager of the restaurant (maybe is the boss, I just guess) whether he was the person called the police. The manager said yes. The only policeman just took the fee of calling police and went away too. The world became peaceful again. 

Where is the justice, I thought to myself! The miscreant does not need compensate anything but the victim should pay the fee. I am now completely lost