Month: February 2016


Posted by – February 24, 2016

来了新加坡一个月,吃了很多新加坡的不但便宜而且味美当地东南亚美食。但是我发现每次吃完嘴巴都感觉怪怪的,特别想喝水或者吃水果。后来和新加坡的同事聊起,才知道是味精在作怪(MSG)。虽然从小在中国长大,但是在日本10年基本习惯了没有味精的饮食,到了新加坡还真一下子适应不了。感觉新加坡的hawk center里的美食加的味精比我小时候长大吃的菜跟鲜,但也更不健康。



An interesting Islamic Story

Posted by – February 12, 2016

There are loads of negativity about Islam due to the recent terroristic attacks around the world. However, I encountered a life-enlightening Islamic story that I would like to share with you.


My Airbnb bungalow experience in Singapore

Posted by – February 9, 2016

This heritage colonial house is the perfect place for chilling out and stay away from the bustling city of Singapore when you are exhausted after exploring the city. Despite its extremely quiet location, it is very close to the city centre, popular spots and attractions such as Holland Village and botanic garden. You can walk to the nearest MRT station within about 15 minutes, and the journey is one of my most enjoyable ones in Singapore. Thanks to the tranquillity of its neighbourhood.


Searching apartment

Posted by – February 6, 2016

These are the photos near my new apartment in Singapore. It is between the Farrer Park MRT and Tan Kah Kee MRT, a quiet and nice neighbourhood where lots of nice houses located. I especially love the old trees and jungles.


The coffee academics 

Posted by – February 6, 2016

Hunting an artisan coffee shop in Singapore can be a daunting task for coffee snob like me, the other day, a friend of mine recommended this place called “The coffee academics”, in the famous shopping area- orchard. It’s on the second floor of Scott Square.

Created by a group of people who are really passionate about coffee, this place   did not disappoint me with its fresh and fruity coffee. 

I ordered a normal latte. I have to say the latte art can be fancier considering its high-end price tag. As an amateur like me, may be able to do this simple heart pattern. They also serve a wide range of classic espresso based coffee and brunches. 


Chinese New Year in Singapore

Posted by – February 5, 2016

Chinese New Year is around the corner!

It has been for almost a decade that I have not celebrated the Chinese New Year in Japan. Even though I am by myself here in Singapore, It is still a very good feeling to experience the atmosphere, to have the long holiday, and to recall my memories from my childhood.



3万円台 航空券+ホテル代 海外旅行!

Posted by – February 4, 2016

日本で海外旅行、航空券+ホテル代込3万円みでは ー ありえないでしょう。シンガポールに住んっている人々はもし旅行するは、基本てき海外旅行。しかも 東南アジア諸国に行くのはめちゃめちゃ安いです!




Posted by – February 1, 2016



少许盐,胡椒,basil , 橄榄油和balsamic vinegar 混在一起,均匀搅拌后倒在色拉的绿叶子上,再加入之前炒好的蘑菇和几颗almond。