Month: January 2012

My first car

Posted by – January 18, 2012

Thanks to Takanobu for taking professional-level photos for my first car. It was also great fun to drive along the Izu Skyline highway, on top of which you can see a view of the whole Kanto area.

It was a second hand BMW Z4. Although I am not the first owner of the car, it was carefully taken care of by the previous owner, who was in a rush to sell the car and return to his home country.  The model is a relatively old one compared the latest one with a hard top.









Gotemba Outlet Shopping

Posted by – January 17, 2012

One of the shopping outlets in Japan I really like and often go is the GOTEMBA PREMIUM OUTLETS. It is located in Shizuoka prefecture, but just around 1 hour drive from Tokyo. If the weather is good, you can see stunning views of the Moutain Fuji while enjoying cheap prices of famous brands.


New Year vocation – Indonesia

Posted by – January 4, 2012

I would like to really thank you Takanobu and his friend in Bali – Suzie, who had made this Indonesia trip so fun and great! Had not you guided us in Bali, we would have not found these nice spots so easily. I landed the famous tourist island – Bali,  a place where you can see both well-developed western standard restaurants and bars and poor local house. Thanks to its unique geographic position and , it is a popular holiday destination for Australian and its Asian neighbour, as well as tropical beach lovers from Europe and North America.


These western standard bars can be found every nook and cranny on the island, where the same price tag is expected when back to your home country and where local people are rarely seen in these bars.

This beach is heaven for surfers. Suzie and I in this photo was taken by Takanobu.




Then, we forayed into the inner part of the island, finding ourselves emerge into some tropical forest, where you can find these old Hindu temples, which are preserved well. According to Suzie, Ninety per cent of Balinese are Hindu. Wild animals are also well protected by the local law. As you can see, the monkey below in the pictures are not in a zoo, by the way.