Month: October 2009

France vacation

Posted by – October 20, 2009

Bonjour !
I am back from France. It was a great holiday – yummy food, spectacular views and lovely weather. The Olive there is amazingly tasty! I start eating Olive almost every week after I come back!

Friendly people, a surprise to some people. Yes the people I met in France are very friendly despite that they try to teach you how to speak French from time to time, something I would love to do at certain point in the future.

I am absolutely astonished by the beauty of the nature in France. I have never seen such a blue sky in my life. (Hey, please don’t laugh, I am from China).

I took this picture below in South France. This photos is not edited by any software. It is almost hard to believe the sky can be so blue for people like me from China.

The Blue Sky in France

Almost everything is *old* in France. Oh, Maybe I shall use the word Vintage. Historical buildings and museums are well preserved. I stayed one night at my friend’s house that was built about 200 years ago. The owner of the house is a young couple, which I can’t imagine in China.

People live in totally different lifestyles compared to the ones here in Tokyo. We went to forests to hunt a mushroom for dinner! We went to climb a mountain that has no route.

I saved my friend Anthony s life there, by the way, which he never admit.

I would like to really thank to my friend Steve. He took us to a lot places with his car. The Castle, the wine, the blue sky. It’s the best holiday for me so far!

Bonne nuit!