First home in Shanghai

I rented a flat with another two roommates who works in the same area at Shenbei Road in Minhang District. It is a small road which is located in southern Shanghai and the house is very far away from the centre of the city. It takes about 45 minutes for me to get to the People Square by subway from my flat. Fortunately, the Line 5 subway is not far away from my house.

The house is near my workplace and I believe it is a good daily exercise for me to walk to the office by foot.

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Basename Bug in MovableType 3.2

Recently, I encounter a problem when I use the “preview” function when I publish my entries. I guess you may have suffered this bug with MovableType 3.2 if you are also a newbie of MovableType. The problem is when an entry is saved from the Preview screen; the entry basename may be incremented or, if the title was changed, altered to fit the new title. And the other pages such as category page and index page will automatically change to the new entry’s permanent link.

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Why So Many People come to Shanghai

I left my office with one of my colleagues very late yesterday. It was valentine’s day, of course, we talked about the feast day at first. Then, our topic changed to his high school life. He is from Shandong Province where high school students’ Gaokao(National College Entrance Examinations) mark is very high and now he have graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He said he was No.1 when he was high school student, but when he came to the university, he found that so many talent students in the university.

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My MovableType Archive Template

The original archive template in MovableType 3.2 will list all the articles in block. Of course, I do not like showing my articles in such a chaos. Obviously, My Readers will suffer a lot as the total of my articles increase to a considerable number. So I search the Internet and try to find a way that displaying the articles more friendly. Well I find a yearly archives template is very similar to my demand, but what I prefer is list my articles all together separated by month not year.

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Feedback of This Site

I guess you have some interest in this site when you come here! Since this site is built not very long and only maintained by myself, of course, there are many bugs in this site. So if you have any unconvenience when browsing this site, please do not hesitate to post a comment here!
I appreciate all your suggestions!