Chinese Spring Festival Coming Soon

Posted by – January 28, 2008

Chinese New Year, also called Chinese Spring Festival (春节) used to be the happiest holidays for me just like the Christmas season for western people. People gather together with their friends and family and I can reunion with my nephew and playmates and we can “play” together and get the “Red packets” from my parents and grandparents and don’t have to get up early and go to school. It used to be such a good holiday that I was always look forward to.

while this sort of feeling fades and I could not find much happiness as used to. Perhaps it is a festival for kids as my mother told me.

However, I still feel good to have the date back home coming soon after leaving the country almost more than half year. Bad news is this year might be a crazy new year for some people in China because of the heaviest snow causes the transport chaos and millions of people are not able to get back their home to see heir families. I am also worrying about the flight from Tokyo to Shanghai would be canceled.
This is the BBC news
Transport chaos in snow-hit China

The heaviest snow in decades is continuing to cause chaos across China ahead of the busy Lunar New Year holiday, state media report.

Going back to China from 2nd of Feb to 17th of Feb and Hope everything is OK. I really look forward to seeing you, my old friends!


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