the Naked Portalfilter

My bottomless portafilter ordered from has finally arrived home this morning from Hungary! Over the last a few weeks, I have been trying to figure out the problems why I am not able to produce rich crema of my espresso. Now  I hope this is the tool for me to find out the problems, whether is dose or channeling or something else! At the moment, I suspect that uneven tamping which results in uneven extraction could have attributed to the lack of crema. But let’s see what I can observe from this tool.

I am all agog to see my perfect extraction with it! Please stay tuned with my extraction video.




This Hungarian company is quite an interesting one, of which the website featured a quite professional video promoting their bottomless portafilter. The video is somewhat reminiscent of Apple’s promotion videos for their Macbook. Take a look the video below see whether if you find it interesting.



(You can’t see this video from China, as Youtube is blocked in mainland China)

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    1. Maybe is just the coffee or the type of roasting profile. As far as I know dry/natural processed coffee, robusta and the dark roasted coffee make more crema. High temperature also could spoil the crema and the most important thing is to have a good grinder.

  1. really ??

    Its not just the filter, probably the machine has more to do with it. As long as it has enough pressure, you can vary the other factors by how fine you grind, how tight you pack it and how long you extract for.

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