Singapore Botanic Gardens

First of all, this is the biggest garden I ever visited.  After my first visit, when I was absolutely amazed by the variety of flora and fauna, I decided to search an apartment to live near it. I envisioned that I would be able to workout, jogging in this lovely and beautiful garden in the many coming weekends.



Chinese Food in Singapore

Being a Chinese from mainland China, still I am quite new for loads of Chinese food in Singapore, most of which origins from the southern part of China. We have heard of Hainan Chicken rice often when we talk about Singaporean food in Japan. Today, I discovered something that I never heard of as mainland Chinese and you as well if you are from rest of the world.

  • Tiong Bahru Chwee Kueh

  • Famous Penang Ban Chang Kuih


 Their English names are definitely from the Chinese pronunciation, however, I don’t know how to pronounce them correctly.


Vada – the Indian snack


I stayed in a southern Indian family from airBnb in Singapore, where I learned so many things about Indian culture and food. I was given by the Indian host of this Indian snack called “vada”.


I quickly turned to Wikipedia to find out more about it. According to Wikipedia, Due to their popularity, they have spread throughout the world! But I never heard of it!!




Making yogurt by yourself  

You learn many different skills if you stay in a family from a different culture! Today, I learned a shockingly-simple method of making yogurt yet, unknown to me until now. 

You can turn to milk easily to yogurt with a bit of yogurt by just adding a bit yogurt to your milk and let the backeria work for you, the next morning you got up. The yogurt is ready!
Because yogurt is very expensive in Singapore, my Indian host mum told me it saves her some grocery money.

シンガポール – フルーツ天国 ベジタリアン天国



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First Working Day in Singapore

For people who got transferred from northern hemisphere, always complained about the hot weather in Singapore. Surprisingly, Singapore is not as hot as I thought it would be. First working day here started with fresh air and pleasant temperate in the morning. It does get hot during the day. But for most white-collar workers, it won’t get much time to feel that heat as you will be in the air-condition office most of the time.

During the lunch time, I went to a cafe near the office, which turned to be heaven for veggie-lovers like me.


Having experienced cold and short daytime winter in Tokyo, I feel really relaxed when I finish work and still can see the bright sky. Just a few days ago in Tokyo, even if I left the office at 6pm , it was always dark and cold outside.

It was a great day to start with my Singapore life.

House hunting at Paya Lebar

I went to this place called, Paya Lebar where our Singapore offices will be relocated in March. The condominium that the agent showed me was nice and modern. it is connected to a large shopping mall. In particular, the pool is amazing.



When I went outside, a large group of women sat under the shadow of trees. They seem to be a large population of Malay Muslim here. I will keep searching see whether I can find better ones.