Month: July 2012


Posted by – July 9, 2012

Today, Anthony and I encountered something unusual on a rainy cold evening in Ebisu.

When we walked down to the Ebisu station from Ebisu garden place after dinner. We heard some meowing! – It was a kitten in the bushes along the road. She was starving, exhausted, trembling and terrified. But she is so adorable and lovely.

“Someone must have abandoned her. We can’t leave her like this~” – we spoke in unison.

We decided to take her home and to give her a new life.

Xiao hui under my mac

Now, she found it quite comfortable at her new home. I named her 小恵 after Ebisu(恵比寿)



She is also an avid reader


Her favorite yearning when she is sufficiently drowsy.