Month: May 2012

Ukai Toriyama

Posted by – May 26, 2012

Since the treat from my boss to celebrate the initial release of our company’s product in this amazing traditional Japanese restaurant not far away from Tokyo (approximatley 1.5 hours), I have been taken several friends traveling to Japan to this place called “Ukai toriyama”(うかい鳥山)

This is the place almost every foreigner visiting Japan would love, for its magical and wonderful decoration representing traditional Japanese garden. Thus, I highly recommended it to anyone who wants to experience some unique Japanese restaurants with great food.


As you can see from the below picture, rush ruffled private dining houses are scattered within the lushly mature and immaculately manicured Japanese gardens. When you walk into these gardens, you will feel like being dropping into history.




They have different courses covering all kinds of traditional Japanese food. Each course is presented as the art whilst you behold the koi swimming in the pond right outside your dining house. The food tastes divine.





DSC_0586 (1)


The photos below are ones with my Chinese friends visiting it second time in 2014, where we celebrate two couples having their first baby.








The Japanese Saki should be a must-to-order in your drink menu.



Happy birthday to myself 

Posted by – May 16, 2012


Thank you very much for organizing the birthday party for me.

Shinichi, Peggy, Anthony, Zhibin, Mary and Akihiro ! Thank you for your kind words and messages. I am so grateful for having all of you celebrating my last birthday of my 20s and cheering me up when I am let down.