I surivived in the 5th biggest earthquake in history

Friends, I am still alive.!  I thought I would be buried in the office today.

All the train are stopped and I am walking home now. Everyone is walking on the street, and all cars on the road stuck in the traffic jam. This is a scene I probably won’t be able to see again in my life!

Don’t know what is the impact on the north Japan, which is much more close to the epicenter ..

Apart from the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, this is the biggest event so far I have experienced.


Breakthrough of my Snowboarding Skills

It’s my third year doing snowboarding in Japan, and it becomes much fun after you can balance your body not falling over. Occasionally, even if you fall over, it does not hurt so much anymore.
Japan is one of the best countries for snowboarding lovers, where there is a load of snowboarding resorts, with easy access from Tokyo. The temperature on these moutains usually is not too low so you can enjoy the sport, not worrying too much about the cold weather.