Month: October 2008

iphone application

Posted by – October 30, 2008

It’s been a while since last time I updated this blog. Actually, I was busy with all sorts of stuffs that I rarely have any time do things like writing something here on the blog.

My life has changed a lot with this global financial turmoil and Now I believe everything could happen like my company Lehman Brothers, that I thought would work for a long period, went bankruptcy.

My written English is getting worse and my Japanese level does not improve much neither. However, one more exciting thing was that the Dictionaries in Apple’s iphone app store are surprisingly selling well.

Today I checked out, Korean English Dictionary KE No.4 in Korean app store. Chinese English Dictionary CE No.5 in China app store!

Chinese/English Dictionary
Korean/English Dictionary
And all applications


Posted by – October 13, 2008

Sendai is the cultural and economical centre of Northern Japan, and some food which we found there are very rare in Tokyo. Who can name the below food?