Month: November 2007

Cute deer in the Nara park

Posted by – November 25, 2007

On the second day of my Kansai trip, Anthony and I went to Nara, where you can encounter these lovely deer in the park and street.  It only takes about 40 mins from Kyoto to Nara by the JRみやこ路快速 train.


Nara is a place where you will encounter a spade of deer asking food. It is such a small town, which makes that you can almost walk from one side to the other within 10 minutes. Although we did not book the hotel in advance, it didn’t take long for us to find one despite the busy tourist seasons.


Switch to Apple

Posted by – November 17, 2007

Apple? Macbook? Mac OS X? These terms used to be alien to me, but  I now fall in love with the Mac OS and bought my Macbook soon after get my credit card in Japan and regretted not knowing apple sooner before. After getting the hang of the Mac OS, I started feeling that Windows is just too buggy and immature to me.