Tokyo Disneyland

Lovely decoration in the train in Tokyo Disneyland. There are so many Kawai (cute) decorations in this country where the fetish of cuteness is part of the culture . Of course the train in Tokyo Disneyland is not a exception.


An Excellent Dentist Service in Tokyo

The other day, I had to go to see a dentist in Japan. As you can image that it would be difficult for a foreigner who does not speak Japanese at all to go to see a dentist in Japan. People here rarely speak English, which is totally different from I imaged before I came here.

Fortunately, I found a Chinese speaking dentist via James, and the dentist is also very nice person.

She was so nice that gave me a quick surgery on my broken tooth and setup a temporary one for me. She told me that it will be expensive if I do orthodontics in Tokyo.

She told me that my tooth got phlogiston and it took more than 1 month to do it. So I’d better to take the surgery in China then setup a ceramic tooth. To my great surprise is that she refused to receive any fees including my temporary teeth. I really appreciated her professional services and kindness! This is the first time I ever felt that not everyone does their job just for money.

That’s the clinic address: