Month: March 2006

My Experience of Learning English

Posted by – March 30, 2006

The mail and question:



Where is the Legal System

Posted by – March 26, 2006

I think it’s the first time I encounter a violence to flight in a restaurant since I graduated from high school. It was someone’s birthday yesterday. Sorry for the ‘someone’, because I cannot recall her chinese name! I merely know she is sk‘s friend and her blog. I guess her English name is Jessie.

After we sitting down and start our dinner in the restaurant, one of sk’s friends realized that someone at the desk beside us was peeking Jessie. Although we felt uncomfortable, we continued our dinner.

But, suddenly, one of these guys beside us broke the dishes and began to fight with another one. We all felt very uncomfortable at that time. But with the mind that the boss or the manager of this restaurant will deal with it as soon as possible, we kept our tolerance. 

Unfortunately, the manager of this restaurant was a faint-hearted. He just let us move downstairs. I was wondering that why he didn’t call the police. 

After that, we just heard much noise and the sound of broken dishes upstairs. About 1 hour later, the police was called and there was only one policeman showed up. The went upstairs at once. I didn’t know what happened next upstairs. After a while, I just saw a guy savagely came downstairs and left the restaurant just like nothing happened muttering, “I will hack the one called the police!”. After a short while, the policeman also came downstairs and asked the manager of the restaurant (maybe is the boss, I just guess) whether he was the person called the police. The manager said yes. The only policeman just took the fee of calling police and went away too. The world became peaceful again. 

Where is the justice, I thought to myself! The miscreant does not need compensate anything but the victim should pay the fee. I am now completely lost 

Notes of Introduction to Algorithm(B-Tree)

Posted by – March 26, 2006

When I was a college student and took the course Data Structure and Algorithm, the B-Tree section was not included in the exam requirement. At that time the teacher just said little about it and therefore I knew little about it. It is ridiculous that I totally understand B-Tree until last month. So what is the B-Tree? B-Trees are balanced search trees designed to work well on magnetic disks or other direct-access secondary storage devices. B-Trees are similar to red-black trees. but they are better at minimizing disk I/O operations. Many database systems use B-Trees, or variants of B-Trees, to store information.


Miscellanea of The Weekend

Posted by – March 21, 2006

It’s a wonderful weekend. I just arranged with Hurrican and his gf to play badminton together at first. I got up very late (sometimes I am very lazy especially at weekend) and when I got Xujiahui, it was almost 11:00 am. The first thing I should do is to buy a badminton racket. But After searching for a cheap rackets around Xujiahui together with my brother, I can’t find a little cheap one. Most of the badminton rackets in Xujiahui is above 300rmb and some up to 1000rmb. Finally, I had to give up and said goodbye to Hurrican.


An Analytics tool for Blogger

Posted by – March 17, 2006

When I got the news that google has a website traffic analysis service Google Analytics, it’s too late for me to get the free service work on my blog. Because it has experienced extremely strong demand since google released this product and the sign-up has been closed alrealy. It’s so bad and I had to search for other tools to observe the traffic statistic of my Blog. Until now I have used 3 products: extremetracking, AXS and now Performancing Metrics.Although each of the 3 has both its and advantages and disadvantages, I prefer the last one, Performancing Metrics.


Maglev between Shanghai and Hangzhou

Posted by – March 15, 2006

I have been heard that a maglev train line between Shanghai and Hangzhou is planned for a long time. However, with the high investment costs, the project remained controversial. So at that time I just treated it as a rumor and have a strong suspicion on it. Today the good news comes, that is, this plan has been approved by the Beijing government.


My Firefox Extensions

Posted by – March 14, 2006

As in the previous entry “Goodbye Internet Explorer”, I strongly encouraged people to use Firefox for power surfing. By itself, Firefox is a lean and fast browser, and if you want it do more for you and remedy the situation that it lacks some of the functions that we’ve come to take for granted from Microsoft Internet Explorer, the add-on extensions maybe the best choice. They can do loads of tasks, from blocking pop-up ads to see the weather forecast—and even viewing a Web page as if it were in IE.


Goodbye Internet Explorer

Posted by – March 11, 2006

For years I’ve stick on my IE (Microsoft’s Internet Explorer) since I had my own personal computer. But my love for the past faded when I met Firefox. Thanks to my mentor Daniel who introduced Emacs and also Mozilla Firefox to me. But, I guess most of my friends and many people in China are still using IE or other IE core browsers such as Maxthon. But today I want to tell you that it’s time to say goodbye to IE because a much better browser is ready for you.


A long-overdue Wish

Posted by – March 10, 2006

Since I come to shanghai for nearly 1 year, my mobile phone has become useless. The most significant usage of my mobile phone is perhaps the alarm clock. It sounds ludicrous or unbelievable! But it’s true. Most of my friends are in Ningbo or Hangzhou now, and maybe some of them have lost my phone number for some reasons.


My favourite laptop – Thinkpad

Posted by – March 8, 2006

ThinkPad X series has been updated to X60. Since I bought my first Laptop IBM ThinkPad X22 about four years ago, I have rarely paid attention to the market of laptops.  In the past three years, laptops have become so popular that many of my friends have their own laptops now.


Notes of Introduction to Algorithm(Red-Black Tree)

Posted by – March 7, 2006

A red-black tree is a binary search tree with one extra bit of storage per node: its color, which can be either RED or BLACK.
A binary search tree is a red-black tree if it satisfies the following red-black properties:
1. Every node is either red or black.
2. The root is black.
3. Every leaf (NIL) is black.
4. If a node is red, then both its children are black.
5. For each node, all paths from the node to descendant leaves contain the same number of black nodes.